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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I pay?

An upfront deposit is required on all of our rentals. We accept most major Credit Cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard), Cash, and Open Checks as forms of deposits. The amount of the deposit will vary depending on what form of deposit you use. Please make sure to bring in a valid California Driver License.

When will get my deposit back?

Once the equipment is returned and we have inspected it you will receive a completed copy of your invoice. At that point your money will be refunded to you. If you did leave a deposit on a credit card it gets refunded automatically from our end but can take your bank 3-5 days to put it back into your bank account.

Do I need to call and schedule the equipment for pickup?

Yes. If we have delivered a piece of equipment to your jobsite/home please make sure to call us and let us know when you are finished. You will receive a call off number from our office confirming the equipment is off rent and you are no longer being charged for it. To ensure there are no additional charges please make sure to fuel it (double check; if it is diesel/gas, we charge $5.75/gal) and park it in a spot that is accessible for our driver. Once scheduled for pick up we will dispatch a driver as soon as we have one available.

Can you help me to determine the items I might need?

Yes, our rental professionals are always available to help you evaluate your needs. We can suggest items to you to help your project go smoothly and safely.

What about changes to my order?

Additions to your order are always welcome subject to availability. Please remember we always do our best to accommodate your needs.

What is the rental period?

All equipment has minimum charges for periods ranging from 4 hours to one day. The daily rate is good for 24 hours. We do charge for all time out, whether the equipment is used or not. Items with hour meters are limited to 8 hours use per day; 40 hours per week and 160 hours per month. Overtime rates do apply for multi-shift use.

What is the charge for pickup and delivery?

The fee is based on the size of the order, the distance we travel and any out of the ordinary requests. Call for a specific quote.

Is delivery included in the rental rates listed?

No. Delivery is based on the delivery location of the rental equipment. The delivery price quoted is for round trip.

When will my items be delivered?

Our goal is to deliver you items when you want them. We may ask for a window of time if you can accommodate it. We can also deliver the previous evening and start your time the next morning if you need to get started before we could get it to you.

What is my responsibility when items are returned?

All items should be returned as you received them. Please knock off loose and excess dirt or mud. A cleaning charge may apply. Keep items in a secure location until we can pick up delivered items.

Do you offer operators for items?

We do not supply operators but may be able to recommend a local contractor. You are also welcome to come to the store in advance of your rental and we can review operations with you.

Are taxes, delivery, Rental Protection Plan and other ancillary charges included in the quoted rates?

Taxes and additional cost and or fees, such as refueling, Rental Protection Plan, and delivery are NOT included in the retail rates shown. These charges are extra when applicable. All terms and conditions of the BJ's Rentals contract will apply, please read them carefully at the time of rental.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes. There is no charge for cancelling a reservation as long as the rental equipment has not been delivered. If the rental equipment has been delivered, the customer is responsible for the delivery/pickup charge.

What are your rental terms?

Weekend Rental: Equipment may be picked up or delivered within operating hours on Saturday and returned Monday before 9:00 am for a one day price, with 8 hours allowed on hour meter. Overage time will be prorated.
Half Day Rental: Equipment is due back within 4 consecutive hours of delivery/pick-up, with 4 hours allowed on hour meter. Overage time will be prorated.
Full Day Rental: Equipment is due back or called off rent within 24 consecutive hours of delivery/pick-up, with 8 hours allowed on hour meter. Overage time will be prorated.
Weekly Rental: Equipment is due back or called off rent within 7 consecutive days of delivery/pick-up, with 40 hours allowed on hour meter. Overage time will be prorated.
Monthly Rental: Equipment is due back or called off rent within 28 consecutive days of delivery/pick-up, with 160 hours allowed on hour meter. Overage time will be prorated.

What if the rental equipment has mechanical problems?

Please contact the branch that you rented the equipment from immediately if you are experiencing any problems.